Suture Techniques and Vascular Anastomosis Course Online

SimuVasc LIVE - Online Simulation Training Program

This course allows the student to become familiar with the handling of vascular surgical instruments and the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills in suture techniques and vascular anastomosis, through tutored practice in simulated models.

  • Level: Basic / Intermediate.
  • Dates: Dates to be confirmed.
  • Modality: Online (Videoconference through Zoom).
  • Addressed to: Angiology and Vascular Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery and Other surgical specialties
  • No. of students: 12 students
  • Duration:
  • Course director: Dr. Martín Landaluce (Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Albacete). SimuVasc CEO
  • Equipo Docente: 


Módulo 1

  • Lectures 1 – Instrumental Quirúrgico Vascular. Tipos de Injertos Vasculares
  • Lectures 2 – Principios Básicos de la Sutura Vascular. Aspectos Ergonómicos en la Técnica Vascular
  • Training Session – Simulación de Sutura Vascular con Modelo Clockface (Técnica de Sutura a una mano y a dos manos)

Módulo 2

  • Lectures 1 – Exposición y Control vascular
  • Lectures 2 – Técnicas de Hemostasia y Apertura y cierre primario de los vasos
  • Training Session – Simulación de ligadura arterial
  • Training Session – Simulación de arteriotomia transversa y longitudinal con cierre primario.

Módulo 3

  • Lectures 1 – Cierre de los vasos con Angioplastia mediante injerto en patc
  • Training Session – Simulación de Endarterectomía de Bifurcación Femoral y Patchplasty

Módulo 4

  • Lectures – Anastomosis Vascular : Conceptos básicos. Anastomosis Termino-Lateral – ATL
  • Training Session – Simulación de ATL con Técnica Anclada
  • Training Session – Simulación de ATL con Técnica Suspendida o en Paracaidas

Módulo 5

  • Lectures – Anastomosis Termino-Terminal – ATT
  • Training Session – Simulación de ATT con Boca Circunferencial
  • Training Session – Simulación de ATT con Boca Espatulada o en “Boca de Pez”
  • Training Session – Simulación de ATT con Técnica Inlay

Módulo 6

  • Lectures – Anastomosis Latero-Terminal ALT y Latero-Lateral ALL
  • Training Session – Simulación de Anastomosis Latero-Terminal – ALT
  • Training Session – Simulación de Anastomosis Latero-Lateral – ALL

Módulo 7

  • Evaluación
Vascular Anastomosis Kit Simulator Simuvasc

Specific Course Materials

Theoretical Material: The student will receive via email the accesses to the Zoom platform for videoconferences.

Vascular Anastomosis Kit Simulator: This set consists of the necessary material to carry out the practical exercises (simulations):

  • Basic vascular surgical instruments.
  • Vascular support.
  • Specific simulated vessels.
  • Vascular Sutures.

Said material will be sent to the student through the transport agency UPS.

Course Evaluation

In the last module of the course, an evaluation of technical skills will be carried out with a simulated exercise that the student will record with his smartphone / tablet.

Said video recording and the simulated vessel of the exercise will be evaluated by two expert tutors using OSATS (OPRS and EPRS Score), and the evaluation will be complemented by computational analysis.

Said evaluation will be sent via e-mail to the student.

At the end of the course, the student must fill in the course satisfaction survey through the SimuVasc website.

Dates to be confirmed - Online Training Session

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