Vascular Anastomosis Kit Simulator


The SimuVasc Trainer consists of a portable model where Artery & Vein Block, Carotid Inlay and Vascular Grafts can be placed to perform all the steps of a vascular anastomosis.

This product is designed for the practice and acquisition of vascular surgery skills, like Basic Anastomotic Techniques and Carotid Endarterectomy.

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Vascular Anastomosis Simulator Material
1 x Simuvasc Vascular Jig
3 x Fixing Clamps
1 x Mobile Support
1 x Water Spray Bottle
2 x Silicone Vessel Loops Maxi (Blue & Red)
1 x USB led light
1 x Guidance of Carotid Endarcterectomy

Consumables & Vessel Anastomosis Included
1 x Carotid with Plaque (Consumable)
1 x Artery & Vein Pack for Vascular Access (Consumable)
1 x Artery & Vein Pack (Consumable)
3 x Polypropylene Sutures 6/0 & 5/0
*They can be purchased separately

Vascular Surgical Instruments Set (Leather Case)
1 x TC Debakey Needle Holder
1 x Straight Castroviejo Needle Holder
1 x Mayo Scissors Curved
2 x Debakey Vascular Forceps
1 x Freer-elevator Hollow handle
1 x Potts-Smith Scissors 45º
2 x Mosquito Clamp
1 x Sterile Disposable Scalpel No 11

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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm