Paris, November 8-10, 2023 – Simuvasc, a leader in vascular surgery simulation and training, left its mark at the prestigious Paris Vascular Insights event held at the iconic Carrousel de Louvre. Over three days, this event provided an invaluable platform for vascular surgeons to delve into the latest advancements in vascular surgery. Simuvasc took center stage with three comprehensive workshops focused on open vascular surgery training, capturing significant attention and participation from attendees.

Workshop 1: Open Repair for Infected Aortic Endograft – November 9

This workshop centered on the intricate process of open repair for infected aortic endograft, offering vascular surgeons a unique opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge. The learning objectives were designed to equip participants with the following skills:

  • Workflow Preparation for Extracting Infected Endografts: Vascular surgeons gained insight into developing a systematic workflow for the extraction of infected aortic endografts, addressing the complexities associated with these cases.
  • Problem Solving and Replacement: Participants became familiar with problem-solving techniques, emphasizing the replacement of infected endografts using innovative approaches such as the Neo-Aortoiliac System Bypass (NAIS) or simulated bovine material.

The workshop consisted of two integral parts:

  • Creation of a Neo-Aortoiliac System Bypass (NAIS): Vascular surgeons engaged in hands-on exercises, utilizing simulated autologous veins or simulated bovine material to create a neo-aortoiliac system bypass.
  • Extraction of Infected Endograft and Implantation: Practical sessions guided vascular surgeons through the intricate process of removing infected endografts and seamlessly implanting the NAIS or bovine material.

Workshop 2: Surgical Repair of Infrarenal AAA – November 9

This workshop focused on the surgical repair of infrarenal Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA). With an emphasis on practicality and skill development, the learning objectives aimed to empower vascular surgeons to:

  • Workflow Preparation for Infrarenal OAR: Vascular surgeons learned to establish efficient workflows for Infrarenal Open Aortic Repair (OAR).
  • Basic Steps in OAR: Participants gained familiarity with the fundamental steps involved in Open Infrarenal AAA Repair (OAR), laying the groundwork for subsequent surgeries.
  • Tips and Tricks from Experts: An experienced faculty shared invaluable tips and tricks, providing vascular surgeons with insights that go beyond textbooks.

Workshop 3: Surgical Repair of Infrarenal AAA (Repeat) – November 10

The third workshop consisted of a repetition of the infrarenal AAA surgical repair workshop from the previous day, providing vascular surgeons with a second opportunity to participate in this valuable session.

Simuvasc’s active participation in these workshops not only demonstrated its commitment to advancing education in open vascular surgery but also underscored its dedication to providing cutting-edge simulation tools for vascular surgeons. The company’s innovative approach continues to contribute significantly to the development of skills and expertise in the field of open vascular surgery.

Simuvasc: Innovation in the Manufacture of Simulators for Open Vascular Surgery

At the forefront of medical education and surgical training, Simuvasc has established itself as a leading company specialized in the manufacture of simulators for open vascular surgery. With a prominent presence at the Paris Vascular Insights 2023 event, the company has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing practice and proficiency in the field of vascular surgery. Through its high-tech simulators, Simuvasc has proven to be an invaluable partner for the training of vascular surgeons worldwide.

Innovation in Simulation: Simuvasc has pioneered the design and manufacture of simulators that faithfully reproduce the challenges and scenarios of open vascular surgery. These simulators go beyond simple graphic representation, offering a practical and realistic environment that allows vascular surgeons to acquire and refine their skills in a controlled setting.

Commitment to Continuing Education: Simuvasc not only provides high-quality simulators but is also committed to continuing education. The workshops and events the company participates in are an extension of its mission to constantly elevate standards in the practice of vascular surgery.

In summary, Simuvasc stands out as a driving force in the manufacture of simulators for open vascular surgery. Its commitment to innovation, quality, and continuing education positions the company as a reliable partner for the training of vascular surgeons and the advancement of healthcare.

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